Updates On December Cycle

· December 9, 2022

The major changes happening for the December cycle are the introduction of Senior Action Editors (SAEs), and a new reviewing assignment process to include at least one non-student reviewer per paper. These changes are also a response to community feedback. SAEs will help us during key phases of the review process. They will provide another layer of review quality control for reviewers and AEs. The team of SAEs is almost complete and will be added to the website pretty soon.

In an effort to streamline our processes, we are also trying to integrate all tasks inside the Openeview infrastructure. Expect some small changes in how you complete the tasks in upcoming cycles.

Lastly, given that the December cycle has a winter holiday in between, we prepared a timeline that hopefully is as friendly to everyone as feasible so we can have three full weeks for reviewers to work on their assigned papers, not including the week from 12/23-01/01. Here’s the plan for the december timeline:

  • 12/1-12/15/2022: Submission window
  • 12/18/2022: Assignments to SAEs and AEs
  • 12/19-12/28/2022: Paper and reviewer assignment checks by SAE and AEs
  • 01/02-01/23/2023 Reviewing period
  • 01/24/2023: AEs check review quality
  • 01/30-02/03/2023: Author rebuttal period
  • 02/08/2023: Meta-reviews due
  • 02/10/2023: Deadline to complete the review process for all papers

Useful reminders to everyone:

  • Check your spam folders for missed emails from OpenReview regularly during the cycle. This is still a source of delays in the process. We are using a new email address: aclrollingreview@openreview.org in the hope that this email will be more easily identified by you as something that needs attention.
  • We will continue to ask reviewers and action editors to indicate their availability and max load, this is already happening now. This is our earliest check point to prevent reviewing delays every cycle. We thank you for your understanding and prompt reply to this!
  • Authors who submit papers to the December cycle are automatically added as reviewers. Read the bullet point above for what to do if for some reason you can’t help on this cycle (hint: availability and max load tasks).

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