Author Checklist

Submissions that violate the requirements in the call for papers will be desk rejected. This checklist supplements the call for papers.

OpenReview Profiles

All authors must have complete OpenReview profiles. Please ensure profiles are complete before submission. You may refer to this tutorial.

Paper Format

The template and guidelines are available here. Papers are required to have a limitations section (see the CFP for details).

For ARR submissions, the limitations section, ethical considerations section, references, and appendices should be included in the pdf for the paper, but do not count towards the page limit.

Some key items for first time authors:

  • Use the template
  • Respect the page limit for the paper type
  • Ensure the submission is anonymized
  • Supplemental materials (including appendices) should be truly supplemental; a reader should be able to understand the work from the paper alone

Anonymization and Citation

Please refer to this page for the ACL policies for review and citation. Most of this information is also covered in the template and format guidelines linked above.

Responsible NLP Research

Responsible NLP research means (among other things) taking into account issues related to ethics and to reproducibility. Our submission form includes questions for a checklist, with guidelines and explanation, for responsible NLP research. Note, prior to February 2024, this was submitted as a separate PDF.

In addition:

  • Authors are encouraged to devote a section of their paper to concerns of the ethical impact of the work and to a discussion of broader impacts of the work, which will be taken into account in the review process. This discussion may extend into a 5th page (short papers) or 9th page (long papers).
  • Authors are encouraged to include data sheets and model cards in supplemental material, as appropriate.