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ACL Rolling Review offers the following:

  • a monthly submission deadline
  • receive reviews in a month
  • revise and resubmit as needed
  • one click to submit to a conference or workshop
  • optional anonymous preprint

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Anonymity Requirement

ACL Rolling Review follows the ACL Policies regarding anonymity.

*ACL conferences and TACL require that submissions be anonymized. A submission will not be considered anonymized if the authors post (or update) a non-anonymized preprint version within an anonymity period lasting from 1 month before the submission deadline until the time of notification (or withdrawal). Submissions will be rejected if not properly anonymized.

The “notification (or withdrawal)” phrase refers to notification of acceptance/rejection from a *ACL conference (or workshop). This means that ARR submissions must remain anonymized until a conference or workshop has accepted or rejected, or until the submission is withdrawn.

If authors would like to post a non-anonymous preprint or otherwise deanonymize their submission, they will have to withdraw their submission from ARR, a one step process in OpenReview. Once a submission is withdrawn, it is removed from that month’s reviewing pool. Authors may then make a new submission (subject to the one month anonymity waiting period) which would potentially go to a new AE and new reviewers.

Please note that it is possible to publish a preprint anonymously as part of the ARR submission process.

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