For Authors

ACL Rolling Review offers the following:

  • a monthly submission deadline
  • receive reviews in a month
  • revise and resubmit as needed
  • one click to submit to a conference or workshop
  • optional anonymous preprint

If you would like to submit to ACL rolling review, please first see the Call For Papers and Author Checklist

Frequently Asked Questions for Authors

Submission and Review

Q: Does ARR import reviews from other publication venues?
A: No, ARR is a self-contained review system and all reviews are done within ARR. We do not import reviews that were done by other venues.

Q: What should I do if my reviews are unfair or extremely low quality?
A: If you feel that you need a new reviewer or action editor for your paper, there is a place in the review form (starting September 2021) indicating such. This option should only be used in extreme cases, but these requests will be considered seriously and either accepted or denied based on their appropriateness.

Q: I want to submit my paper to ACL ARR on the 15th of September and I’d like to submit it for the ACL 2022 conference, but I can’t find where should I specify the venue that I’m interested in submitting it to. How do I select the venue?
A: After you receive your reviews (i.e. in late October), you will indicate your interest in submitting to ACL through the Paper+Review Submission Form. There is nothing that you need to do in September.

Q: If I submit early, can I update my submission before the deadline?
A: Yes.

Q: I have further questions about ARR submission, where do I contact?
A: Please contact:

Anonymity Requirement

Q: When am I allowed to post an anonymous preprint? A: Please see the Call for Papers for a detailed policy.

Q: Can a paper be submitted to a non-archival venue during the anonymity period given that the paper, if accepted will be presented at the workshop during the anonymity period? A: The ACL and ARR anonymity policies do not forbid you from talking in small venues about your work, but be careful not to publish a non-anonymized draft of the work and please do not publicize it widely (e.g. on social media).

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