Update to Anonymity Policy

· January 15, 2024

The ACL has adopted a new anonymity policy effective for all future submissions, including to ARR. This new policy replaces the old policy that prohibited authors from posting or advertising non-anonymous preprints during a period starting one month before the submission or commitment deadline, and continuing while the submission is under review.

The new policy takes effect in ARR beginning with the Feb. 15 submission and commitment cycles. Under the new policy, submissions will remain anonymous during peer review, but authors are free to post and discuss non-anonymous preprints at any time. To protect anonymity during peer review, ARR will take measures to prioritize reviews by reviewers who are not aware of the author identities. Authors are reminded that widely sharing the work will make it harder to recruit reviewers. (Venues will also institute awards for unpublicized work. These awards are decided by program committees, not ARR.)

The new policy is now reflected in the ARR call for papers, author page, reviewing page, review form, reviewer tutorial, and guidelines for commitment venues.

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