Arr Changes December

· December 2, 2021

We are introducing several changes to ACL Rolling Review starting with the December 2021 deadline.

Changes to the timeline

In November, we received many submissions! In December, we will go back to our usual timeline. There’s a shared calendar there you can import to your own calendar.

Changes to the submission process

Responsible NLP Research

In collaboration with the NAACL 2022 program chairs and Jesse Dodge, and following input from the NAACL reproducibility chairs, Anna Rogers, Margot Mieskes, and the ACL Ethics Committee, we are rolling out a new responsible NLP research checklist. This checklist is intended to inform and educate. Before December, ARR pointed authors to separate ethics and reproducibility checklists. Completion of these checklists was strongly encouraged but not mandatory. Nothing was uploaded as part of submitting to ARR. Starting in December, authors will be required to complete the new responsible NLP research checklist. It can be found here (fillable PDF) and here (LaTex source), and guidelines, background and references are here: There will be a field in the submission form for uploading the completed checklist.

Submission Type

We have added a question about submission type (long paper/short paper). This information will be used to balance load across reviewers, and by program chairs at publication venues.

Willing to Review

Finally, we are making permanent the last question in the submission form, which requires authors submitting to ARR to agree to review if qualified and invited.

The fields in the submission form are here: Submission Form Fields.

As always, authors may refer to the Authors’ Guide to OpenReview.

Changes to the review process

We have modified the review form also.

Overall Assessment

We have modified the overall assessment question, with very valuable work from Isabelle Augenstein and Anna Rogers and input from Jesse Dodge.

Responsible NLP Research

Instead of a single ethics question, there are now three. This enables us to better assess whether to send a paper for ethics review.

The revised review form can be found here: Review Form.

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