ACL Rolling Review is an initiative of the ACL.

Please see the ACL Rolling Review Proposal for more information.

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Modified Timeline December

For the December cycle, ARR will have a slightly modified timeline. Reviews will be released on January 28th given that reviewing started a bit later due to the end of the semester, the overlapping heavy load from November and the holidays. We also wanted to give a bit more time to AEs to be mindful of weekend days.

  • December 15th: Submission deadline
  • December 16th-24th: Reviewer/AE assignment
  • December 24th-28th: SAC/AE paper check and reassignment
  • December 29th-January 18th: Reviewing
  • January 19th-27th: Meta-reviews and reviewer chasing
  • January 28th: Review and meta-review release
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We have received several questions about resubmitting to ARR. We have now modified the call for papers to address these questions, which have to do with adding/removing authors, providing responses to reviewers, and requesting new reviewers.

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There is no need to withdraw any papers from ARR after reviewing is complete (in fact if you do withdraw your paper from an ARR cycle, we won’t be able to transfer that paper + reviews to any venue you “commit” to). Once you have your reviews, your paper is considered to no longer be under review to ARR.

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Modified Timeline January

As in November, ARR will have a slightly modified timeline in January (ntoe that all deadlines are 11:59pm AOE):

  • January 15th: Submission deadline
  • January 16th-24th: Reviewer/AE assignment
  • January 24th-27th: SAC/AE paper check and reassignment
  • January 28th-February 15th: Reviewing
  • February 16th-26th: Meta-reviews and reviewer chasing
  • February 27th: Review release
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